Dr./Pastor Brian Adams 醫治與釋放 特別聚會

講員介紹 Pastor Brian Adams 亞當斯博士


Brian 曾上過 Sid Roth 的節目 It’s Supernatural ,並曾在 Daystar 和 TBN 以及美國各地事工主持節目。不要錯過這個極為難得的兩場屬靈宴席!

Drug dealer to undercover narcotics cop to preacher of the Gospel  – Dr. Brian Adams has been a man burning with passion and flowing in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ for over two decades, traveling around the world with the mantle of the supernatural. His unique style of preaching is accompanied with tremendous anointing for winning the lost and offering hope and healing to the hurting. His ministry focuses on the authority of the Gospel and the power of God to transform lives. Dr. Adams travels have taken him to West and South Africa, Haiti, China, Nicaragua, Brazil, Belize, Honduras, England, Turkey, Pakistan, and Costa Rica. At his meeting you may laugh, you may cry, but most of all, you will see the hand of God reach through man to touch His people.

Brian has appeared on Sid Roth’s program It’s Supernatural and has hosted programs on Daystar and TBN and ministers all around the United States. Don’t miss this extremely rare spiritual feasts!

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美國東岸時間 3/7 Tue. (週二)  7:15pm EST|
北京時間 3/8 Wed. (週三)  8:15am


美國東岸時間 3/10 Fri (週五)  7:30pm EST|
北京時間 3/11 Sat (週三)  8:30am


美國東岸時間 3/11 Tue. (週二)  7:30pm EST|
北京時間 3/12 Wed. (週三) 8:30am


美國東岸時間4/4 Tue. (週二)  7:15pm EST|
北京時間 4/5 Wed. (週三)  7:15am